The Embassy provides the following consular services:
  1. Visa Verification and Issuance.
The Embassy offers guidance for visa processing to travelers that is now managed online at The Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control in Uganda receives visa applications at the online platform and verifies to make appropriate decision on issuance or other. Each application is treated separately at each submission.
With effect from July 1, 2015, visa fees for entry into Uganda were revised as follows:
Single Entry Visa                       50 Euros
Multiple Entry Visa                    100 Euros
East Africa Tourist Visa             100 Euros
Government officials                  No fee
Diplomatic Visa                          No fee 
Please note: Visa Applications can be submitted online by visiting 
For Visa Applications made at the Embassy, the following Requirements must be met.
i. Must submit original passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel and past the date of expected departure from Uganda.
ii. Visa Fee (Single Entry = 50 Euros; Multiple entry = 100 Euros; East Africa Tourist Visa = 100 Euros) in Cash, paid to the Uganda Embassy on submission of Visa Application.
iii. Company/employer letter and invitation letter for business visas.
iv. Invitation letter/addresses for family or other related visits.
v. Indicate tourist places and/or accommodation addresses of tourist travel.
Please note that the Visa fee is non-refundable.
For a detailed breakdown of Visa Categories and Fees please visit
Government Officials travelling on official business must submit visa applications with the following supporting documents
For Italian Government Officials;
A letter from any Government Agency clearly indicating the details of the travelling official, purpose of travel, host institution and period of stay in Uganda.
For non-Italian citizens travelling on official business;
A Note Verbal from their respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Diplomatic Mission in Italy clearly stating the details of the travelling official, purpose of travel, host institution and period of stay in Uganda.
There is no Processing fee for this Visa category. 
2. Certification of Documents and Or Testimonials Issued by Uganda Authorities.
The bearer of such documents should present:
i. Original documents.
ii. Certified copies of the same from; Institution that issued the document in Uganda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uganda, Embassy of Italy in Uganda if is to be used in Italy, Embassy of any other country we are accredited to if it is to be used to that particular country.
iii. Passport copy or copy of National Identity Card.
iv. A charge of euro 20 per set of documents.
3. Certification of Documents and Or Testimonials Issued by Italy and countries of accreditation Authorities.
i. Original documents.
ii. Certified copies of the same from; Institution that issued the document in Uganda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy or questura, Embassy of any other country we are accredited.
iii. Passport copy and/or Residence Identity Card or National ID
iv. A charge of euro 50 per set of documents.
4. Notification of Next of Kin in Case of Accidents, Illness, Detention or Police/Prison Custody, Or Death.
5. Issuance of Emergency Travel Certificates.
Applicants should present the following:
i. Dully filled application form (Download copy here).
ii. Police letter on the missing/lost passport
iii. A charge for the document (yet to be announced).
6. Verification and Recommendation for Passport Renewal.
Ugandans are required to apply for the e-EAC Passport online at and the Embassy of Uganda in Rome interviews the applicants and thereafter issues a recommendation letter for the Passport issuance at Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda. 
The guide to the e-EAC Passport is provided here (download).
7. Observations on Passports and Documents Issued by Uganda Authorities.
On exception cases as may be determined by the Consular Officer, the Embassy makes observations on Passports issued by Uganda authorities in the 'observation page'. 
In event of change of names in Uganda passports or documents, the following requirements prevails:
  • Recent photograph with white background showing all facial features.
  • Statutory declaration with a deed poll from Uganda Gazette with News Paper cut out on change of names.
  • In case of change of name due to marriage, a marriage certificate
  • Copy of National Identity Card.
  • A charge of euro 20.
  • Original supporting documents.
  • 8. Registration of Birth, Marriage, and Death. 
When birth, death, or marriage occurs in Italy or in countries of accreditation, they can be registered at Embassy. The provided documents by issuing authority require certification before proceeding to Uganda.
i. Registration of birth, applicant presents:
  • Birth certificate from hospital certified by the issuing authorities that may include Ministry of Health and questura for Italy or Embassies of the countries of accreditation.
  • Passport copies of the parents.
  • Photograph of the child or baby.
ii. Registration of marriage, applicant presents:
  • Certified copy of the singlehood certificate given prior marriage.
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate from the issuing authorities and questura for Italy or from countries Embassy is accredited.
  • Copy of Passports or National IDs of the Couple.
iii. Registration of Death, Passport cancellation of deceased, and No Objection to repatriate or undertake local burial, applicant presents:
  • Certified/Attested death notification and/or certificate from Hospital or Ministry of Health of Italy or countries of accreditation where death occurred.
  • Original Passport of the deceased.
  • Authorization letter from next of kin to the Embassy to issue No Objection. 
  • Copy of Passport of National ID of Next of Kin.
  • Other detail on procedure of repatriation or burial to be updated.
N.B. Any accruing fees in regard to section no. 8 will be informed when conferred. 
  1. Obtain visas for individuals to travel to Italy and areas of accreditation.
  2. Obtain work, study, and residence permit. Although the Embassy can issue recommendations for scholarships and related placements on verification of provided documents.
  3. Meet air ticket costs for repatriation, legal fines, hotel and local transport charges among other related personal charges.
  4. Legal representation. Although the Embassy can offer guidance on legal consular issues.