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Monday, 13th March 2017
Bird's Eye-view of Reception Building & Accommodation Block 3.

Under a partnership programme with the Government of Malta, Murchison National Park is set to get 720 million shillings for expanding its accommodation facilities. The grant was given last financial yearthrough the Malta Voluntary Sector, with the condition that Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) provides cost estimates for the accommodation block . This condition was finally fulfilled at the end of February, 2017 and fortunately the Government of Malta is still willing to provide this money. Malta has given UWA up to July, 2017 to use up the money for the designated expansion or else it will be withdrawn.

During a visit to Malta in early February, the Head of Mission Rome, underlined Uganda's keen interest in building infrastructure such as the accommodation block because the country is in high gear in promoting tourism. The High Commissioner noted that the proposed block is only part of Malta's wish to work with Uganda in the areas of tourism. Malta and UWA have agreed that the accommodation block will provide a permanent residence for Maltese young people who would like to work on a voluntary basis with UWA, from time to time. The block will however be shared with other tourists, especially during the rest of the year. It is proposed that the first 10 such youth will come in July 2017. This visit will be repeated each year with different sets of young people visiting Murchison Falls in particular and Uganda in general. This arrangement should help publicize Uganda as a tourism destination among the people of Malta.

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